Mr. Mohamed Ebrahiem is Chief Executive Officer .

CEO has been born in the Behira


He was born, raised and brought up in Buhaira Governorate

Where he was since his inception in a family characterized by skill in the local trade, which gained confidence in the cooperation between local merchants.

Since there was an increasing demand for Egyptian products abroad, we decided to employ this experience and skill to export Egyptian products to international markets.

Over the past few years, we have established strong relationships with international importing companies, after realizing that we care about standards and quality with a competitive price.

We respect our words with the client and do not break neither contracts nor Words .

We have Company that you can trust to provide Your products conformed to standard specifications

We belive in Team Work and to create Comfortable environment that is very essential point in Successful business , The psychological .comfort that makes working with us smooth and a close-knit family

Mr. Mohamed Ebrahiem

Owner & ECO
El Khalil for Import & Export